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Re: [IP] FDA Approves new Animas Insulin Pump

>   I saw that a while back.  I'm kind of disappointed though.  It
>doesn't seem to have any more functionality that my D-Tron+.  It looks
>like they combined the best features in the H-Tron (plastic cartridge)
>and the D-Tron (very programmable) into a new case, which is a nice
>idea, but is not going to make me rush to the telephone to order an
>upgrade. I wonder if they still give you a backup pump and do scheduled
>maintenance?   Those were two big reasons that I chose Disetronic to
>begin with.
Bob, I spoke to my new Rep about the Spirit pump last month:a.. From what I've
learned thus far, this pump doesnt seem to offer any sort of "Killer App" that
would make me want to jump out and purchase one either.  Perhaps this will be
a new disclosure after FDA approval?
  b.. It also doesnt seem like the Spirit can communicate with a meter.
Because of this they are packaging it with a Palm Zire 31 PDA, that will be
able to communicate with a meter.
  c.. Disetronic / (Roche) will be discontinuing the 2 pump policy.  However,
"loyal" Disetronic customers who have stuck with them through the FDA
difficulty will be given the choice of receiving one of the following for
free: a 2nd pump, or an upgraded PDA, the Palm Treo Smartphone.
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