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RE: [IP] understanding basals and bolus

Between your Dr. and CDE, they will set your beginning basals. Also they
will start you out on some sort of carb ratio to establish some interim
Bolus for meals.

You should work with your CDE for some period of time until you can go on
your own.

A bolus is the amount of insulin you should take for the amount of carbs
You consume.

It varies depending on the individual, but an example would be for each 10
Carbs you need 1 unit of insulin.

Most food items you buy will give you the amount of carbs for a serving,
Whether it be by volume or weight. I would strongly recommend you begin
With the foods you prepare at home, measure and weigh out what you intend
Eating, and then possibly eat out if you like. But the portioning at home
Will give you a better idea of what might be on a plate if you eat out.

Even after this, you might find it handy to record your meal, and its
Affect on you 2 hours later to see if you guessed correctly. If you eat
there again, you can refer to this and make the necessary adjustments.

Hope this helps,


> ok the newbie has yet another question. I have read the user guide for
> the pump the mm715 and I am still not 100% clear on bolus and basal I do
> understand basal is the insulin that is continually being jnjected and
> bolus is for meal times........... how do I know how much to bolus and
> all that and does basal rates increase I am not good on the insulin to
> carb ratio actually I have just been taught that and still having
> trouble with that.... even after being a diabetic for 13yrs none of my
> drs. ever explained the insulin to carb until this endo who started me
> on the pump granted its only saline now but come Tuesday its insulin
> ............. can I expect highs or lows when first put on the pump?I am
> sure i will be asking more and more questions but I do need help with
> the basal bolus please and thanks. All of the other info all the pumpers
> has given to me has been awesome and very helpful. Thank you for that
> ........ :)   Dawn
> .

There are two good sources of information for this.

John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin" available from Amazon.
see the books page of the web site at:


The second source is the HOWTO pages of the Insulin Pumpers web site 
where there are descriptions of how to figure out various ratios, basal 
profile, etc.... there is also a tool to simulate basal adjustments and 
what they might do to blood sugar levels.


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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org