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Re: [IP] Occlusion "sensitivity" setting

At 10:57 PM 1/8/2005, margo hupe wrote:
>Mine is definitely set on High. When it was set on low is when I had all 
>the occlusion alarms. Page 61 of the Animas instruction book covering 
>Occlusion Limits for the IR1000:
>"To increase the sensitivity of the occlusion detection set the OCCLUSION 
>LIMITS to "L". To decrease the sensitivity of the occlusion detection, set 
>the OCCLUSION LIMITS to "H" (This is the default setting of your pump)
>"Your pump detects occlusions or blockages in the flow of insulin by 
>measuring the force required to push the insulin out of the cartridge. If 
>the pump measures too high of a force, the pump will alarm."

The instructions for the IR1200 definitely say,

"Set your occlusion detection sensitivity to High (more sensitive) or Low 
(less sensitive)".

Mine is definitely set to H and I have had no occlusion alarms so far.

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