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Re: [IP] Minimed Supplies for sale

Pumpers and Friends,
    I have a friend who has changed over to the 715 from a 508. She got her 
new pump last month. After the first of the year she lost her insurance. She 
asked me about that she can do. She has about 3 months of supplies for the 
715 and about a year for the 508. As she was looking at the two sets of 
supplies she fould that only the tubing for each pump is different, so she 
asked me if she could use the part of the set does in the body from the 508 
with the tubing for the 715.  I tried it and as far as I can tell it works. 
Since she was reusing the tubing anyway, I guess it will work for abit until 
she can get covered again.
    Has anyone else tried it?  I have been look online for more info but 
have had no luck so far.

> You are totally correct.  I must plead ignorance because I have only had
> experience with the 508 and now the paradigm pump.  These supplies are 
> from
> my 508 and I am hopeful someone will want them since I can no longer use
> them.  Thanks for clarifying.
> If anyone is interested in Silhouette Infusion sets MMT373 and reservoirs
> MMT 103 and MMT 103A for sale (at a low price),  please email me 
> privately.
> Thanks!
> Debra
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