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Re: [IP] Re: joined weight watchers

I have had both good and bad experiences..good pre "D" and the bad was after. 
But it was more just the two meetings i tried didn't work. The one met near 
my office in the meeting room at a bowling alley at lunch time...sound good 
huh? Well you weren't allowed to bring in your lunch...so it was no lunch (not 
good) or eat bowling alley food...fries anyone? So that was a bust.

The other one really made me mad and I should have complained to a supervisor 
- it was after I was on the pump (fairly new to it I believe) and I was using 
the charts out of the "Pumping Insulin" book to chart everything...BG's, 
carbs, insulin, and points.  Well the instructor found that just completely 
 unacceptable...she didn't like that I focused on carbs first and points second
that I didn't use their diary. She was also one of those who lost something 
like 20 lbs and thought she had climbed mt. everest... not an empathic bone in 
her body for those us us who have struggled much above that for much of our 
 lives. (and my apoligies to those of you who are only 20 lbs and feel like it's
the end of the world..it can be worse much much worse) And of course for those 
extras that covered lows. 

But in spite of those two less than stellar tries - I think it is one of the 
best programs around - and when you get a terrific instructor it can be great 
- but as with all things - it is not always as good as it could be.

Linda & Dax
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