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[IP] Need ideas

Sylvia - what makes you believe I'm an adult onset Type 1? Just because I
mentioned that my parents are 90 years old doesn't mean I was diagnosed as
an adult - I was 12 years old. However, as an adult Type 1 I do have to deal
with different issues than a child with Type 1 would - i.e. I'm uninsurable
so I must work until I'm old enough for Medicare. I currently am in a job
that totally wrecks my blood pressure but until I can find something else, I
will continue to visit the doc every month to have the blood pressure meds
changed in the hope that something will bring it under control. I don't have
a parent to rely on but must handle whatever happens myself. Yes, I want to
be, and enjoy being independent but it certainly doesn't come without a

I'm curious, and I'm not trying to flame anyone or anything but.......what
the difference between an adult onset T1 and a child onset T1?  Besides the
age of diagnosis, is there any other differences that are visible by tests
 whatever? I really am intersted in this quetion as I'm trying to learn as
as I can.

Other than the age of diagnosis, what is the difference?

mom to joshua
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