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Re: [IP] Need some information

He was 12 years and nine months when he went on the pump and he is now 13
years, one month old.

Chuck H.      email @ redacted

Tina Robertson <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Need some information

> How old is your son? Could it be that his skin is getting "oilier" as he
> older, kinda like a teenagers face when they are going thru puberty and
>  Chuck H <email @ redacted> wrote:
My son has been pumping for several months
> now. Here is how we have always
> put on the infusion set: Put on I.V. Prep and allow to dry thoroughly.
> Using the Sil Serter, insert a Silhouette and press the taped part down
> well. We always apply Polysporin on the old site to help prevent
> The kit never even came slightly loose at any place ...until recently. Now
> we are having problems with it not holding as well as it did. Absolutely
> nothing has changed. No lotion, no different soap, nothing. It began
> happening with a previous box of Silhouettes we had - perhaps the last two
> or three sets - and has now continued into a new box that just arrived
> recently. Discounting problems with the sets themselves - and I don't
> they are the problem - here is my only idea. Perhaps over time, my son
> hasn't cleaned his sites well enough with something other than scrubbing
> with soap. In other words, perhaps he needs to thoroughly clean his
> insertion areas with something stronger. I can always go to the IV 3000s I
> received with the first shipment if I can find them, but I'd prefer not to
> have to do that. Does anyone think that I might possibly be right about
> cleaning or do you have any other ideas? It has really been nice not
> much on him that he had to tear loose when he changed sites.
> Chuck H. email @ redacted
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