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[IP] how much lower will I go?

Since my pump does not have the fancy Bolus Wizard, I'm hoping someone can
give me the Stupid People's Explanation of how to estimate the IOB for
unexpected-lows-after-a-meal.  Last night I tested an hour after dinner
because I felt a little off.  I'm glad I did because I was 60.  I attribute
this to stress and excitement (my life is usually boring and something
interesting makes me go either high or low).

How can I figure out how much lower I'll go so I can snack accordingly?  I
usually test 2 hours after a meal and I have a pretty good idea of the
remaining active insulin.  If I'm high and take a correction bolus I can gauge
this pretty well, too.  But when I add food, what formula works for this?

Thanks a lot, Yessi Palmer
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