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[IP] Need some information

My son has been pumping for several months now.  Here is how we have always
put on the infusion set:  Put on I.V. Prep and allow to dry thoroughly.
Using the Sil Serter, insert a Silhouette and press the taped part down
well.  We always apply Polysporin on the old site to help prevent infection.
The kit never even came slightly loose at any place ...until recently.  Now
we are having problems with it not holding as well as it did.  Absolutely
nothing has changed.  No lotion, no different soap, nothing.  It began
happening with a previous box of Silhouettes we had - perhaps the last two
or three sets - and has now continued into a new box that just arrived
recently. Discounting problems with the sets themselves - and I don't think
they are the problem - here is my only idea.  Perhaps over time, my son
hasn't cleaned his sites well enough with something other than scrubbing
with soap. In other words, perhaps he needs to thoroughly clean his
insertion areas with something stronger.  I can always go to the IV 3000s I
received with the first shipment if I can find them, but I'd prefer not to
have to do that.  Does anyone think that I might possibly be right about the
cleaning or do you have any other ideas?  It has really been nice not having
much on him that he had to tear loose when he changed sites.

Chuck H.      email @ redacted
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