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RE: [IP] Reward for completing surveys

Yep, I filled it out too and that was the chance reward. Your lucky...

>From: "chattanoogasue" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IP] Reward for completing surveys Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 09:07:28 
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>I received this email about a week ok:
>Dear Sue
>I am pleased to inform you that you are the lucky winner of the Mini iPod. 
>If you could email me back with your delivery address we can arrange for 
>the iPod to be sent to you.
>Thank you for completing the Insulin Pumpers Survey.
>Owen Mayal
>CVM Partners
>I remember completing the survey but did not remember seeing anything about 
>a carrot to do so. I was some what skeptical of this until my iPod arrived 
>today. Checking it out on the internet, I believe it is about a $250.00 
>Thanks Owen and CVM Partners.
>email @ redacted
>dx Type 1 1/2002
>Cozmo pumping since 1/2003
>CoZmore pumping & testing since 09/02/04
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