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[IP] Batteries and Pump start

Someone wrote:
>I thought I found a deal at the dollar store.. 4 pack of AAA's for $1.
>Unfortunately, they last about 2 days.  I guess you get what you pay for.
>Avoid the Panasonic batteries at Dollar Tree.

I would agree and found out that the only batteries that really work and last
are alkaline batteries.  Just look on the package or battery itself and it
will say "alkaline."   If they're not alkaline, don't buy them!

Monday is my pump start.  What a long road it's been!  It was actually one
year ago this coming Monday that my PA (physician's assistant, not
Pennsylvania!) friend told me I should look into the pump and here we are
exactly one year later to the day I get to start!  (Back then, I thought it
would be like a week or two and I'd be pumping.  Guess again!)

I bought the Cozmo and love it already.  I had written to the list back in
December asking if I should just go ahead and get started on just bolusing
with the pump while I was waiting for my pump start.  I decided to wait and
left all my stuff at home (except the pump itself and user manual) so I
wouldn't be tempted to hook up!!!  Someone on here told me that my pump start
would be here before I know it and sure enough -- it is!

Any last minute advice before getting started????  I've read Pumping Insulin
cover to cover and feel fairly confident.  I've been running the pump on air
as if it was actually pumping insulin.  The Cozmonitor is excellent, though
I've been through 2 batteries in a little over 2 weeks, not even pumping a
real basal rate constantly or running insulin at all.  Oh, well.  Batteries
are cheaper than Lantus!  I know the first few weeks will be challenging, but
I'm up for the challenge! Thanks for letting me ramble.....
Marcia R.
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