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Re: [IP] understanding basals and bolus

> ok the newbie has yet another question. I have read the user guide for
> the pump the mm715 and I am still not 100% clear on bolus and basal I do
> understand basal is the insulin that is continually being jnjected and
> bolus is for meal times........... how do I know how much to bolus and
> all that and does basal rates increase I am not good on the insulin to
> carb ratio actually I have just been taught that and still having
> trouble with that.... even after being a diabetic for 13yrs none of my
> drs. ever explained the insulin to carb until this endo who started me
> on the pump granted its only saline now but come Tuesday its insulin
> ............. can I expect highs or lows when first put on the pump?I am
> sure i will be asking more and more questions but I do need help with
> the basal bolus please and thanks. All of the other info all the pumpers
> has given to me has been awesome and very helpful. Thank you for that
> ........ :)   Dawn
> .

There are two good sources of information for this.

John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin" available from Amazon.
see the books page of the web site at:


The second source is the HOWTO pages of the Insulin Pumpers web site 
where there are descriptions of how to figure out various ratios, basal 
profile, etc.... there is also a tool to simulate basal adjustments and 
what they might do to blood sugar levels.


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