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Re: [IP] understanding basals and bolus

Dawn, if you don't have a copy of Using Insulin by John Walsh and Ruth
Roberts I would suggest you order one from the IP website. It has all 
information you need.

I'm sure that when you are started on the pump someone will set your
basals lower than what they expect them to be and you will work from
there, increasing a little here, maybe decreasing some there, etc. It 
time and a lot of testing to get those basals set. I did it in about a 
but I simply went at it royally. If you have the dawn phenomenon you can
also take care of the problem with the pump very nicely.

On Jan 7, 2005, at 2:20 PM, dawn R wrote:

> ok the newbie has yet another question. I have read the user guide for
> the pump the mm715 and I am still not 100% clear on bolus and basal I 
> do
> understand basal is the insulin that is continually being jnjected and
> bolus is for meal times........... how do I know how much to bolus and
> all that and does basal rates increase I am not good on the insulin to
> carb ratio actually I have just been taught that and still having 
> trouble
> with that.... even after being a diabetic for 13yrs none of my drs. 
> ever
> explained the insulin to carb until this endo who started me on the 
> pump
> granted its only saline now but come Tuesday its insulin .............
> can I expect highs or lows when first put on the pump?I am sure i will 
> be
> asking more and more questions but I do need help with the basal bolus
> please and thanks. All of the other info all the pumpers has given to 
> me
> has been awesome and very helpful. Thank you for that ........ :)   
> Dawn
> .
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