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[IP] Staying home alone


I was diagnosed in 1970 at the age of 6. My parents had sitters for me
and my two younger sisters when they went out, up until I was about 14.
I guess they figured that after 8 years they could allow me some
independence. They got rid of the sitter, and had me baby sit my two
young sisters for free! I also ended up sitting for friends of theirs
too. I personally think 10 years is way too young to be home alone,
diabetic or not. The potential for who-knows-what to happen is just too
great. My parents didn't just throw me into independence-they gave me an
hour here, or a couple of hours there until we all finally felt
comfortable enough that I was going to be OK without them for an
evening. I'm grateful to my parents for doing it that way. They let me
go on a school trip to France for a week around this time too, which
must have been really scary for them, but the teachers all knew what to
do and what to look out for and I was fine. If you wrap your son up in
cotton wool, you're not going to do him any favors. Also it doesn't
matter well controlled and if he's 10 or 50, with diabetes ANYTHING can
and will go wrong. It's like Murphy's law. As long as you can understand
and accept that, you'll probably get fewer worry lines. :-)

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