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RE: [IP] Unrealistic expectations?

>Unfortunately nothing beats a real pancreas. I think that a lot (not all)
>experience these on occasion. When is she experiencing these highs and lows.
>Maybe narrowing down a bit more might help.

This is one of the few things that annoys me about Walsh's book, 
Pumping Insulin.  On page 30 he states that "'Brittle' diabetes is 
just an easy name for incorrect dosing or variable insulin action. 
This instability occurs only when insulin is being given in the wrong 
amount or at the wrong time."
Literally this is true--but it needs the additional statement that 
there is no way of delivering insulin that comes close to the 
negative (stabilizing) feedback provided by a healthy pancreas.  The 
insulin pump is about as good as it gets right now, but the feedback 
through monitoring of blood sugar and food intake is nothing like as 
good as that of a healthy pancreas, and a system without negative 
feedback is inherently neutral to unstable.  I'm convinced that at 
times I even have positive feedback (insulin doesn't seem as 
effective when my blood sugar is high, and carbs don't absorb as fast 
when it's low) which is really destabilizing.  I'd say "brittle" 
diabetes is due to a lack of normal negative feedback.
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