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Re: [IP] Re: Animas pump occlusion problems

 This will be Veronica's third IR1200. We've only had this latest one since
11/18. The first one we got on 5/24, which was her birthday.

 For now, I am checking and correcting every three to four hours. It seems to be
working okay....probably be another night of very little contiguous sleep!


> Amy,
>  With my other two IR1200 pumps, the occlusion problem only happened when
 > bolusing; the basals worked fine, so with them I just injected my boluses
 > the new one came. I waited so long to call with the latest one so it had
> to become "worse" and the basals were sometimes working and sometimes not.
>  I have a Disetronics pump to use as a backup so I used it until the new pump
> came or actually until I got to work today (was out yesterday because of bad
 > weather). On Wednesday while at work and having all those stoppages (is that
> word lol) I finally disconnected and took a small amount by injection approx.
> once an hour until I could go home and get my trusty Disetronics.
 > I don't know what I would do during the night if I didn't have a backup pump.
 > I'm like you; after not having any long-term insulin in my body for five
 > I don't want to reintroduce it into my system now. I suppose I would have to
 > the alarm and get up every two to three hours or so to take a small
> but that is something you should ask your doctor.
 > I have my new Animas pump now; came to work early this morning and
 > connected. I've noticed that with every new IR1200 since July (this is my
 > there are differences. A cosmetic change is that the newest one has the
 > logo on the face of the pump (the others didn't), and a beneficial change I
> happy to notice that the figures and words in the pump have a darker font and
> are a little larger, making them easier to read.
> I do hope this one was manufactured after they fixed the occlusion problem.  
> Sybil and (??? Haven't Decided ???) the Animas IR1200 pump
> http://www.sbvdrsilkycrsilky.com
> Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 04:10:15 +0000
> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Pump Woes
> It's not you! Veronica's pump started doing the exact same thing tonight!
>  Occlusion after occlusion after occlusion. Site change, then cartidge and
> tubing
> change and then fine for an hour. Then 11 occlusion alarms in on hour, so
 > another new pump will be on it's way tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, the
> thing had to wait to malfunction until after the end of the business day!
> A question though. How do you take basal insulin into account when doing
 > Humalog injections until the new pump gets here? I have NPH in the fridge,
> would rather NOT use it!
> Amy
 > mom to Patrick, 18, Sean, 16, Catherine, 13, Veronica, 9, dxd 3/11/02,
> IR1200 (usually!)
> .
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