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[IP] Re: Diabetic Gastroparesis Study

Local chapter of JDRF sent me the following information for a Study.  Contact 
information is at the bottom...please do not reply back to IP or to me....

Sara Smarty Pants

Western Research Company is exploring development of non-invasive 
 instrumentation to improve healthcare for people with diabetes. At present we
 looking for about five subjects to participate in an early stage study to
diabetic gastroparesis.
The ideal subjects would be individuals who have been diagnosed with diabetic 
gastroparesis (preferably after a gastric emptying test or by a 

Diabetic gastroparesis (gas'-tro-puh-re'-sis) is a condition associated with 
both insulin- and non-insulin dependent diabetes. The condition is 
 characterized as delayed gastric emptying. Some of these subjects (though not
complain of epigastric pain, nausea, vomiting or fullness after eating. 

Diabetic gastroparesis is clinically relevant not only by virtue of the 
 symptoms exhibited, but primarily because it may contribute to inadequate
control and impaired absorption of orally administered drugs.

This study will be conducted at Western Research clinical sites in Tucson, 
Arizona and Marin County, California.

The study requires that you visit one of our sites twice in a period of about 
a week.  Each visit will require about 1.5 to 2 hours.  You will be 
 compensated $200 for your time at the conclusion of the second visit. The tests
require that you have a small meal at the clinic (typically a muffin) after 
which you will recline on a table for one hour while non-invasive data 
recordings are made using a probe which will touch the skin of your abdomen.

If you are interested in helping with this project please contact us as 

Principal Investigator, Fairfax, California:
Dr. Brian Craine        tel: 415-454-2821
            e-mail:  email @ redacted

Principal Investigator, Tucson, Arizona:
Dr. Eric Craine     tel: 520-325-4505
            e-mail:  email @ redacted

Thank you for your help. 
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