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[IP] Re: Occlusion! and insurance comment

Well, it's almost funny.  I read the Animas IR 1200 occlusion problems 
that a couple of people described yesterday.  My Animas IR 1200 is 
either using mental telepathy or learning how to read!  At 11:30 last 
night, I experienced my first occlusion alarm from my charming little 
ol' pump. I just confirmed it--then primed a tiny amount and everything 
is still working---but now, of course, my brain has been alerted.  I'm 
hoping my occlusion  was just a one time only (but I just know my pump 
heard me think that!).
< It's not you! Veronica's pump started doing the exact same thing 
Occlusion after occlusion after occlusion. Site change, then cartidge 
and tubing
change and then fine for an hour. Then 11 occlusion alarms in on hour, 
another new pump will be on it's way tomorrow morning. >
>  I am on my third (yes 3) of the IR1200 model that I've had since I 
> upgraded
> from their IR1000 in July. The problem I've had with all three is that 
> they
> fine for a few weeks, then I start having a problem while bolusing; 
> the pump
> stops and I get an occlusion error. Then this keeps happening 
> repeatedly;
> the pump stops sometimes while delivery a basal, also giving the 
> occlusion
> error.
  The lady assured me that it wasn't just me; she said that their 
engineers had
isolated an occlusion problem in the IR1200; so they were sending out a 
new one
that I should have this morning, only it was to be delivered to work 
and I'm not
there, so I guess I will see it tomorrow. If the Animas customer 
service people
weren't so nice, I probably would have told them to take it back and 
would have
gone elsewhere. Hopefully the problem was resolved before my 4th new 
IR1200 pump
was manufactured.

And, just an unrelated little story. I called my health insurance co. 
yesterday because I just happened to notice that 400 test strips from 
Diabetes Mall on the web would cost $269 plus $12-$13 shipping.  I have 
100 percent coverage and the insur. co.'s arrangement with the local 
"participating" pharmacy is for $308.60 for 400 strips.  When I asked 
about saving the insur. co. money by buying over the web I was told 
that I would have to pay 10% of the cost because, of course, the 
Diabetes Mall is not one of their "participating" pharmacies.  We 
personally pay extremely high insurance coverage costs as a small 
business.  How nice it is the way it's being spent........  No, it's 
not a gigantic difference but I, as the rest of you, do purchase those 
things constantly.

Snow is everywhere.......
Wishing you all a cozy day wherever you are.
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