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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #642

In a message dated 1/6/2005 8:43:52 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

My son  Michael insists that he is old enough to stay home by himself.   He  
only 10 years old so I know that I can't leave him alone.    This  however 
me thinking...at what age is it ok to leave a  diabetic child alone  at home 
to care for himself.  I have never  thought of EVER leaving him  alone but 
older he gets, he wants to  be more independent and wants to be  able to take 
care of  himself.  I would be scared to death to leave him  alone for fear of 
something happening. What do i do when he is 13 or 14, do I still leave  him 
the care of a sitter?  He is good at handleing his  health  but you never 
when something might happen.   

I would love some guidance here as well.  My son is now almost 12, and  I 
feel it is too risky to leave him alone since he is hypo unaware.  I have  no 
 problem with him going to a friends house during the day, he is very capable of
handling himself and his friends would know what to do if went low, even if  
he doesn't realize it himself.  My worry is that he would simply pass out  
 without knowing if he is alone. He also goes low unexpectedly, so I can never
trust our safety measures.  I do try to leave him for short periods,  1/2 hour 
to 1 hour to give him some freedom , but I usually just go to a  neighbors 
 house, so I can rush back if he doesn't answer the phone when I call to check
him.  I am hoping that at some point he will become more aware  of his lows, 
we have tried different techniques per endos to bring that  awareness to him 
but by the time he realizes what is going on he can't function  for himself.  
This is my biggest concern, he is capable in every other area  in managing 
 himself, he makes mistakes sometimes, but we discuss and learn from them I
appreciate hearing from people who have the same issue and  have been able to 
get through it.  
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