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[IP] Re:staying home alone

 I agree, there are many factors and you can't make a blanket statement. My kids
are soon-to-be 14 and 12, and they've been staying home alone for several years.
Each started staying home alone for brief periods while I ran down to the store
or something when they were still 10, almost 11. I have my cell phone, they knew
not to answer the door or phone (caller ID so they could answer it if it was me
or someone they knew), we had neighbors available, etc. For the last year or two
we've been leaving them alone in the evening for a couple of hours while we're
out locally. Everyone I know does the same thing. Here in California, the local
YMCA, Red Cross, etc. offers babysitting classes for would-be babysitters age 11
and up. A lot of the neighborhood babysitters are only 12 and 13. Maybe it's a
regional difference or something. Of course, my kids are very responsible. If
they weren't then I would handle it differently. Pam

<Jenny is our third child and quite independent. She stayed home by 
herself for short times before she was diagnosed at age 10. I always 
had my cell phone on and never went very far away. Because she was so 
"brave" and responsible, I think she probably was on her own more than 
her brothers who did not have diabetes. I think it depends on the 
child, how far away the parent is going to be, how accessible by phone 
the parent is, whether or not there are close neighbors that are going 
to be home etc. Many, many factors contribute to this decision. >
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