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RE: [IP] staying home alone

I'm not a parent of a diabetic child (at least not yet -- my youngest has
vitiligo), but I'm a parent of 15-year-old and 4-year-old daughters.

He won't like this, but his opinion of whether he's old enough isn't
relevant. In fact, I think in some places, 10 years old and alone could
get you in legal trouble. (Not A Lawyer!)

I think 10 is too young for more than a few minutes; twelve is roughly
right, depending on the kid. Even without the diabetes, you need some
structure in place. You need to take it gradually. They need to report
when they arrive. A cell phone for both parent and child. Emergency
procedures and contacts. You need to know where they are, and when they

With the diabetes, I think I'd want a glucose reading, and any planned
snacks & boluses, as part of the phone call I'd get as soon as they're

It IS necessary to let go, but it has to be a bit at a time. They WILL
screw up; the trick is to keep the potential for mistakes low enough so
that they learn from them without being harmed by them.

It only gets scarier as they get older, and the potential for screwing up
gets bigger. But responsibility takes practice, and so you have to give
them chances to practice -- gradually.

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My son Michael insists that he is old enough to stay home by himself.   He
only 10 years old so I know that I can't leave him alone.   This  however
me thinking...at what age is it ok to leave a diabetic child alone  at
to care for himself.

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