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Re: [IP] A Question about Novolog

 Yes, Yes, Please tell about other uses for insulin purchases... After over 35
years of buying insulin I have only been ask once and
 that was the first time I tried to buy Humalin more than 20 years ago... That
was not because of the purchase of insulin but because
 the druggist wanted to make sure my Doctor had given me instructions... He had
not and did not he just told me to go get it and use
 it.After the analogs came out I presented a prescription and was never ask a
question about it either.

So please tell me about other uses for insulin... I need to learn.


Subject: Re: [IP] A Question about Novolog

Kim - What "other" uses are there for insulin ?   I heard one story of
someone killing there spouse with it but... I don't know if I believed that
story.  Please enlighten me as to "other" uses.

Robert B

Most pharmacists
> will ask you a variety of questions as well before they sell iinsulin to
> you because they want to make sure you are needing it because you are a
> diabetic.  Unfortunately, insulin is bought for "other" uses as well.  And
> they prefer if you have a prescription because then they know that you are
> being monitored by your doctor which in turn hopefully means that your
> "healthcare team" is actively monitoring your health to help you obtain
> the best quality of life that you can and watch for potential problems.
> Kim.
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