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Re: [IP] staying home alone

Here in Leon Valley (suburb of San Antonio) it is against the law to leave a
10-year-old alone for ANY length of time.  I happen to agree with that law.
My son just turned 13 and I now leave him alone during daylight hours for
perhaps half an hour, and I'm sure I will be fine with an hour soon.  Of
course I know what his blood sugar is before I leave and I know what he had
eaten and how much - if any - insulin he has on board.  I also know that he
knows where his quick acting sugar is, my cell phone number, and knows to
dial 911 if he needs to do so.  Of course he IS a teenage boy, so I can
probably count on him remaining in front of his PS2 and not moving any
muscles other than his hands if I stayed away for a week!

Chuck H.      email @ redacted

>  email @ redacted wrote:My son Michael insists that he is old enough to
> home by himself. He is
> only 10 years old so I know that I can't leave him alone. This however has
> me thinking...at what age is it ok to leave a diabetic child alone at home
> to care for himself. I have never thought of EVER leaving him alone but
> older he gets, he wants to be more independent and wants to be able to
> care of himself. I would be scared to death to leave him alone for fear of
> something happening. What do i do when he is 13 or 14, do I still leave
> in
> the care of a sitter? He is good at handleing his health but you never
> when something might happen.
> Julie
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