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Re: [IP] Unrealistic expectations?

> Phoebe's been pumping since September, 2004. Her numbers have
> improved, however she still experiences lows (60-70) and highs
> almost every day. No matter how I tweak the basal and the ratios, I
> can't seem to achieve that perfect day.

My hugsband says, "Even on a good day, DM isn't perfect." There are so
many many variables like hormones, weather, underlying illnesses, too
many/few footsteps, and the illusive *etcetera.* The A1c is an average
over three months and when we test we see what the BG is for *that*
moment. Even a half hr later can be different. On the pump, Phoebe is
probably more consistent and perhaps tests more often. On MDI there may
have been more highs and lows to average out a little better. Perhaps
wearing a CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System - MMM) will help
detect what is going on for the 3 days' use. Ask your Endo or CDE about

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