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[IP] Pump Woes

 I really do like my Animas IR1200; it has lots of bells and whistles and can do
lots of things, apparently except what it is really supposed to do, i.e.
delivering insulin.


 I am on my third (yes 3) of the IR1200 model that I've had since I upgraded
from their IR1000 in July. The problem I've had with all three is that they work
fine for a few weeks, then I start having a problem while bolusing; the pump
stops and I get an occlusion error. Then this keeps happening repeatedly; then
the pump stops sometimes while delivery a basal, also giving the occlusion


 I started having problems with my current pump about a week and a half ago; I
was very hesitant to call Animas with the same problem again. I was convinced it
was something I was doing because I haven't heard anyone else say they've had
this problem. But yesterday it stopped so many times while I was at work, it was
driving me nuts, listening to the alarm and having to take it out to restart it.


 I called Animas right after lunch yesterday; I was venting my frustration to
the customer service lady telling her that I never had a problem with my
Disetronics pump the 4 years I used it but now the FDA won't allow me to have a
Disetronics pump (or will they?); I also used the Animas IR1000 pump
successfully for six months, but the IR1200 doesn't like me. :( I went on to say
that I am not rough with it because I am a mild-mannered accountant who only
does conservative things.


 The lady assured me that it wasn't just me; she said that their engineers had
isolated an occlusion problem in the IR1200; so they were sending out a new one
that I should have this morning, only it was to be delivered to work and I'm not
there, so I guess I will see it tomorrow. If the Animas customer service people
weren't so nice, I probably would have told them to take it back and would have
gone elsewhere. Hopefully the problem was resolved before my 4th new IR1200 pump
was manufactured.


Sybil and SueLyn the uncooperative Animas IR1200 pump



 PS - Maybe I should give the new one a different name this time; what do you
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