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Re: [IP] sleepovers

GREAT idea - I am glad you are letting her go AND letting go of her.  My 
"Baby" girl is turing 19 in a couple of days, she is living alone in AZ and 
going to college.  No D thankfully but still letting go is hard.
Good luck

Robert B

> Good news! My husband and I have agreed that we will let Lauren go to the
> sleepover providing we work out a plan
> 1.  She has to call me at certain agreed upon times
> 2. She will check her levels before she eats and we will agree what she 
> needs
> to bolus
> 3. I spoke to the mom and she told me that she will give me her private 
> cell
> phone number so Lauren doesn't have to know if I'm calling. My new name is
> "Sarah" her best friends name.
> 4. Lauren will call me before she turns in and when she wakes up. The mom 
> told
> me she will check her at night and call me at home.
> Ok guys it's a go, now I just have to stay positive and upbeat. I 
> understand
> this is Lauren's disease but she is my baby no matter how old she is.
> Thanks for all your help.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Caryn
> email @ redacted wrote:
> Not being a "full fledged parent", YET, I would think that as long as she
> knows how to check BG's.. what her ratio is... and ask the other mom 
> (privately
> of course) what they might be eating... so that she can BE A KID!!! Just
> let the other parent know she is encouraged that at any sign of problem, 
> no
> matter what time she or your daughter can call home.. even just to say "I 
> love
> you" or "goodnight, my sugar is XXX!" Relax mom.. let her "eat cake." 
> Write
> it down for the other mom.. her rati ( 1 piece cake=xx carbs=xx units)..
> something like that...you will most likely not gt much sleep, because 
> "your
> baby
> is growing up." Take it easy mom.. she has to learn this pump stuff
> sometime! I am rooting to let her go... that is just IMHO though.... GO
> LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!
> ~ ShawnaLT in AZ on Ip that is PG
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