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[IP] Re: Sleepovers

 I too have been following this thread somewhat amused since the technology
available today should help, not hinder a person's ability to live a normal
life. Although I understand that a parent would be concerned, I think you really
need to 1) make sure your child knows how to treat his diabetes and 2) let go a
little more and not be so worried.
 As several have stated, we grew up in a time when there were no blood tests or
meters or glucagon, and the urine tests were not sufficient for quick decisions.
We did our best to live normal lives; as a child and teenager, that was my
greatest wish, to be like the others my age.
 Even though my mom was very protective and I still say she was too strict, I
did sleep over at friends' houses as far back as I can remember and I also went
to summer camp and went on school trips. I can't say how my mom felt, but
apparently she did not see the need to communicate extensively with the other
parents or to hover nearby in case I needed help. I was taught from the
beginning to be self sufficient. The other parents and my teachers as well as
the camp counselors were aware that I was a diabetic, but apparently my mom felt
she had done her duty in overseeing my care and education at home and making the
others aware of my condition.
 Even though I had to endure most of my almost 48 DM years without the knowledge
and technology available today, I have and still do live very well.
 I know it takes something extra special to be the parent of a diabetic, but I
hope today's parents don't try to smoother their diabetic children with so much
attention to their disease that it prevents the children from enjoying all the
things children like to do. Please let them live their lives with other labels
besides "diabetic."
Sybil and SueLyn the Animas IR1200 pump
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 11:53:34 -0500
From: Linda Zottoli <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: sleepovers

This thread is actually kind of amusing to me, reading the really 
different ways parents react, in this age of diabetes treatment.  In 
the 1950s, when my parents were going through this, there weren't any 
blood tests or glucagon injections to be considered, and our only home 
tests, for urine sugar and acetone, were absolutely useless for 
short-term decisions.   In those days, I took injections morning and 
night, and tried to follow an "exchange" diet of the same exchanges 
every day, at the same times, so food and what to do if I had a 
"reaction" were the main topics of conversation with other parents, I 
think.  Neither overnights nor camping trips were well set up for this 
exchange diet, but it actually balanced out pretty well, I guess, 
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