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Re: [IP] Unrealistic expectations?


  I'm not sure if you understand that diabetes....better known as 
 diabestes...THE BEAST.is just that, an unpredicatable beast with a will of its
own. I
would wonder if a non-diabetic would have perfectly level BGs all day if we 
 should take the time to check. Of course a non-DMer would not have the extreme
highs and lows (one would hope) that a DMer does, but our BG levels must 
flucuate throughout the day too.

For Joshua, I'm just glad if 1) he survives a day without too many lows or 
highs, 2) if he survives at all, and 3) if his pump continues to work and we 
 don't have too many hassles. Other than that...I expect the highs and lows. It
is all part of this disease.

I will tell you that several authors who write about diabetes and the 
 emotional rollercoaster it causes, state that the #1 complaint from people they
from is the unpredictability of their own bodies.  

So don't ever expect the "perfect" day and you won't be disappointed.  Also, 
don't forget, there are NEVER any "bad" numbers in diabetes!!

mom to Joshua
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