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[IP] sleepovers


I know this sounds weird...but Kevin gets up consistently to his alarm in the
am! Even for the early morning classes when he has to be at school at 7am. (He
gets up at 5am!) I NEVER wake him. I'm saying, if he goes low at night, his
body doesn't wake him and if he sets an alarm to wake up during the night he
either doesn't hear it OR hears it and shuts it off and goes right back to
sleep. For some reason, it doesn't happen in the am!

Mom to Kevin

....Also, just a note to the parents whose children don't wake up using an
clock or anything.  I have 2 teens who never did either.  That  is until I
told them I wasn't getting them up for school any more.I know,  it's a whole
new "animal" when you add diabetes to the factor  BUT have you  actually given
the child the full responsibility to get up on their own?...

Debbie from  Western KY---oops, and "Annie" my Animas IR1200  pump!
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