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Re: [IP] sleepovers

You sound like a great mom to me. Caryn

At the risk of getting flamed for being a bad parent and not letting go...I
wanted to put in my own 2 cents. Kevin is 16. He was diagnosed at 10. He has
YET to wake up during the night when he has gone low. Luckily, we figured this
out early, and we check him each night before going to bed around 12 mn and
then 1-2 hours later accordingly. (for 6 years...) He has tried numerous
tricks to wake up himself with multiple alarms (we always set a back up) and
test himself...has not worked consistently. He will turn off the alarm and go
back to sleep...without testing 9 out of 10 times or just not hear the alarm.
We are nervous because college is not too far off.

We want a Cozmo gadget that he can wear at night and will alarm loudly!!!! Or
even toss him out of bed to check! ha ha Hear us Deltec?

Anyway, he has NOT slept over at anyone's house. We have never had a parent
their help to get up during the night either! I know we can lower
basals...etc....but we've always managed to make Kevin comfortable with this -
We have had numerous sleepovers at our house. He has had several occasions
with the school for sleepovers and we are just included as one of the
chaperones. Hasn't been a big issue and Kevin knows what has to be done before
he can sleepover.

Please do not tell me I'm a Mom who cannot let go. I want nothing more than to
let go! We have given Kevin all the best tools and work well as a team...it
has just one glitch in the system! I just wanted you to see that it doesn't
necessarily work for everyone.

Mom to Kevin
dx. 12/98, pumping 5/99
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