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RE: [IP] Unrealistic expectations?


You have only been working with the pump for a relatively short time.  
Sounds like you are making good progress

If you want to force a good day - it's easier if you measure everything
exactly and eat exactly the same thing every day.  But then we are back to
the diets that resemble the diabetes diets of the 1930's ...   ;-(

Don't forget that you are aiming to have as much of the day as possible in
the normal range - just because she went a little high doesn't mean the
average went up that high as long as it was treated quickly.

Keep at it and Im sure you see a few "perfect days".  Don't let it get you


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From: Hilary Gilmore [mailto:email @ redacted] 
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Subject: [IP] Unrealistic expectations?

Phoebe's been pumping since September, 2004. Her numbers have definitely
improved, however she still experiences lows (60-70) and highs (180-270)
almost every day. No matter how I tweak the basal and the ratios, I
can't seem to achieve that perfect day. Am I being unrealistic in my
expectations? Are some highs and lows simply unavoidable? What are your
experiences? Her last A1C was 6.9; prior to that it was 6.8 on MDI.


Hilary (mom to Phoebe, dxd at the age of 8 in 3/04, pumping with Animas
1200 since 9/04)

ps Phoebe went to her first sleepover last week at a neighbor's. She
phoned home every 2 hours until bedtime. It felt good for her to do this
and I really appreciated the family who was willing to have her and to
learn what it takes to control her diabetes.
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