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Re: [IP] Re: sleepovers

Linda -
 You have given me alot to think about and I know when I was 12 not having
diabetes I wouldn't go back if I too thought someone was paying more attention
to me. Thanks. Caryn

Caryn, it sounds to me like you've got some very supportive moms 
involved, and you might as well show them all how to test and treat 
hypos! And, be available for phone calls -- I disagree with the advice 
about a stiff drink: you probably won't have to, but you want to be 
ready to drive!

This thread is actually kind of amusing to me, reading the really 
different ways parents react, in this age of diabetes treatment. In 
the 1950s, when my parents were going through this, there weren't any 
blood tests or glucagon injections to be considered, and our only home 
tests, for urine sugar and acetone, were absolutely useless for 
short-term decisions. In those days, I took injections morning and 
night, and tried to follow an "exchange" diet of the same exchanges 
every day, at the same times, so food and what to do if I had a 
"reaction" were the main topics of conversation with other parents, I 
think. Neither overnights nor camping trips were well set up for this 
exchange diet, but it actually balanced out pretty well, I guess, 
because with taking small servings of the various snacks offered at an 
overnight, I never had trouble with lows (even though I was probably 
somewhat more active than usual, and was probably needing more food), 
and with the high calorie diet usually made by girl scout campers, I 
would sometimes still have lows while hiking, but probably went pretty 
high at night . I remember mothers of friends varying in their 
concern , but I went on overnights and even camping trips from 
quite early on, and was not aware of any parents paying any special 
attention to me after I hit 12 or so -- I probably wouldn't have gone 
again if I thought they had. During the maybe 10-12 year old period, 
there would be great competition for holding the flashlight while I 
took my night injection on camping trips, and certainly all my friends 
did know that I sometimes needed sugar (but I did have symptoms, in 
those years, and only very seldom needed anyone else to intervene. And 
really hated it when that did happen, so tried very hard to catch it 
myself). I do remember coming home early from one long camping trip, 
probably because I felt so bad from a high bg, when I was about twelve 
-- I think it had been my decision, but I had been strongly encouraged 
in it .

Linda Z
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