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Re: [IP] mm resivoirs

 This is pretty basic and if you are doing this then I am not sure what the
problem may be:
 first, Unscrew the plunger and tighten it again just slightly. If you don't do
this you might let air in by fiddling around with the plunger after you have
drawn in your insulin. I have noticed that the plungers can stick a little bit,
so loosen and retighten before even starting.
Second: Pull back on the plunger so that your reservoir is full of air.
 Third: With your insulin bottle on the counter, attach the reservoir and
depress the plunger filling the bottle with the air that was in the reservoir.
 Fourth: Quickly tip the bottle over and withdraw the insulin in a smooth
motion. there will be one fairly large bubble at the top. As you complete your
insulin draw I have noticed that small bubbles will start to form around the
black plunger seal. At this time depress the plunger and force the larger air
bubble back into the insulin bottle. I then use my finger to 'flick' the
reservoir to release the remaining bubbles to the top of the resevoir and then
again slightly depress the plunger to force the air bubbles into the bottle.
 All that you should see if this is done properly are maybe tiny champaign like
bubbles. I hope that this is not too simplistic Cynthia

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I've been having a hard time with it but thought it was because I just started
with a setup like this. I'm going from the MM508 to the 512 right now.
Is their a trick to it?

Lisa Ann & Lucy...

Eric Winsor wrote:
My problem with this and I was wondering 
if I am the only one is that I find the new style resivoir lets alot more 
air into the resivoir than the older style, is it just me or are there 
others who can say the same thing?

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