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[IP] Re: Flying in Europe

 It's basically the same as here. I just flew home from Nice, France last
summer, with a change of flights in Frankfurt, Germany. Also just returned from
London last week. In all of those places, everything was similar to here except
in Frankfurt, where US bound planes had an extra layer of security. After going
through the regular security check/metal detector that everyone had to go
through to get to all the gates, those who were on flights for the US were
concentrated in gates at the far end of the terminal. They had that section
roped off with another check point where they were wanding everyone. Even though
my pump never sets off the normal metal detectors and I never mention it, of
course it did set off the wand. I simply pulled it out of my bra, said it was an
insulin pump, and the guard said ok and waved me through. The only other
difference in Frankfurt is that your checked baggage must go through it's own
xray machine before you get up to the ticket counter to check!
  it in. I
  was surprised that London Heathrow didn't have any of these German security
systems - it was really casual, just the regular metal detector and nothing else
for checked baggage or for US bound flights. Considering that the Lockerbie bomb
was smuggled on board there, you'd think they'd be more cautious. Anyway, just
make sure you have a letter from your doctor and the original insulin
prescription label with you just in case (I've never had to show either in 15
years of frequent travel with diabetes), and you'll be fine. Pam

<How does the process of boarding a plane differ or is the same in
France?  Where can I find information about it.
I'm traveling to Monte Carlo in March.>
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