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Re: [IP] Discontinuing Glass Cartridges

> At 05:42 AM 1/6/2005, Bob Stoll wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>   I called the Diestronic (a.k.a Roche) tech support line yesterday 
>> evening and I discovered something slightly disturbing.  One of the picks 
>> on the voice menu system was concerning the discontinuation of the 3.15 
>> and 5.0 ml glass cartridges and the cartridge filling service.
>>   The website makes no mention of this and neither does the PumpWorld 
>> newsletter.  Has anyone else heard of this?  Did I miss something?
>>Because AFAIK, they don't make any other kind of cartridge for the 
>>D-Tron+, unless you count the pre-filled Humalog ones, which I can't use 
>>because get terrible itching/burning with Humalog.
> I know they sent a letter to H-Tron users regarding discontinuing the 
> glass cartridge for that pump.  I don't know if that also  included the 
> D-Tron pump.  You might want to check with them to be sure.
> RoseLea
> .
The Glass Cartridge recall is for the HTRON only.. For if you choose Number 
1 when you call them and ask, they will state just the glass Htron+ 
cartridges are recalled.. But not the Dtron+.
They are no longer sending out prefilled cartridges to anyone, which means 
you have to fill your own.
Just called them again for I just found 9 more glass cartridges. You can 
either call them and have them replaced (once you do you can toss them) or 
you can toss them if you don't need to worry about the cartridge without 
them being replaced. 
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