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[IP] Re: sleepovers

In a message dated 1/5/2005 11:17:32 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

She went  to a week of 
church camp the summer after she was diagnosed also. The  "nurse

Good for you!  One must learn to "let go", huh?  I forgot in my  last post I 
had gotten to go to a 4 day camp with the 5th grade.  Only, and  I do mean, 
the only reason I got to go was because my neighbor was going and she  was a 
 diabetic also. Plus the teacher came to the house and talked to Mom about it.
Want you to know the first thing I did when I got to camp was  leave my sack 
lunch on the bumper of the bus and off went my lunch to parts  unknown!  Mrs. 
 Joan gave me part of hers and I think I got an extra snack somewhere along the
line.  Anyway, I survived.  
Also, just a note to the parents whose children don't wake up using an  alarm 
clock or anything.  I have 2 teens who never did either.  That  is until I 
told them I wasn't getting them up for school any more.  I know,  it's a whole 
new "animal" when you add diabetes to the factor  BUT have you  actually given 
the child the full responsibility to get up on their own?
I have 2 teens now who I make sure get up--yes, I have 4 teenagers!--but if  
they needed to they would and have gotten up on their own.  Wonder how my  
 parents and many many others handled diabetes without the glucometers and such
 when those of us who were diagnosed so many years ago? Guess a deep faith and
a lot of prayer, huh?  I know my mom told me she used to go to bed and  cry 
at night wishing it was her and not me.  Glad it wasn't her and not me  as 
 don't know if she would have been able to take care of herself like she took
of me!!!!  
Ok, hope I have NOT offended anyone but I know it will offend someone as we  
all read things into stuff that says "Hey, that person is talking about  
Chins up, people, life goes on whether we agree with the mix or not!
Happy Pumping
Debbie from  Western KY---oops, and "Annie" my Animas IR1200  pump!
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