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Re: [IP] mm resivoirs

 I don't see a difference...I think you are talking about the ones that you had
to push down on? Gee, it has been awhile so I hardly remember the older style.
 Pizza has a lot of fat (cheese and high fat meats) plus high carbs (dough), so
it is one of the worst possible combinations. Plus, I don't know if you are like
me, but I always overeat on Pizza..like I will never see it again! So, I set a
square wave bolus pretty aggressively and then monitor my BG a lot. I usually
wake up at night and check too and usually bolus. A lot of work, but I LOVE
Pizza :-)

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When I started on the mini med 512 pump in oct. of 2002 the resivoirs for my 
pump had a lock on top that locked onto my bottle of insulin not long after 
about 3 or 4 months they changed the style of the resivoir so you dont have 
to lock it onto the bottle anymore. My problem with this and I was wondering 
if I am the only one is that I find the new style resivoir lets alot more 
air into the resivoir than the older style, is it just me or are there 
others who can say the same thing?

Why does pizza drive my BG so freaking high? Even using my bolus wizzard and 
a square wave set for a few hours my BG goes through the roof and I fight 
for a long time to get it back to normal?

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