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[IP] Re: Animas ezAccess program

>  The method you quote from Animas' website is similar to the way the Minimed
>Paradigm Pathways program works. You send in your pump (e.g., the 512) and in
>it's place get a recertified upgraded pump (e.g., the 515). So I 
>would bet that
>that's how Animas will do it too. Pam

No.   Absolutely Not!!!     You send in your IR1200 and they send you 
back an upgraded IR1200.

There is NO change in the model, only in the software in the pump, 
bringing it up to date with the IR1200 that are then on sale with new 
functions added.   Read the website, it says it ALL.


><She also said that you
>would keep your IR1200 but would have to send it in to them to be
>reprogrammed and they would return it to you.  But, this information
>from their website leads me to think otherwise:

But don't read into it what is not there!          ;>)

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