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[IP] Re: Problems with Quickset tubing

 I've never had a problem with air in the tubing (other than the normal small
bubbles that we all get from time to time). I use the MM Paradigm pump. However,
are you absolutely sure it's really air? My CDE told me that in all tubing, what
looks like air bubbles or discoloration near the ends where it connects to the
luer lock or the other end by the infusion set, isn't really air. I think she
said it was something about the inner and outer layers of plastic at those
spots, but I can't remember exactly. In any case, she said it's harmless. So the
question is, is it causing a problem with high blood sugars, which would imply
that in your case it really is air and not just the plastic situation I
described? If it's not causing a problem with blood sugars, then I wouldn't
worry about it. Pam

<So...is anyone else having a problem with air in your Quickset tubing?
  If so, what kind of pump do you use?  Anybody noticed cracks or
cloudiness in the tubing?  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
Are all infusion sets made the same way as far as the tubing and luer
lock being so exposed to getting bent?>
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