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[IP] Re:Sleepovers (formerly Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V8 #638)

I suppose you can add me to the list. My son was diagnosed nearly three
years ago and has been on the pump for several months now. Nothing short of
the roof falling on his head would wake him up...I think!  Because he is 13;
plays basketball and goes to practice some days and evenings, and his
exercise varies a lot; has teenage hormones; and eats a little more freely
than I'd like, I test him at midnight, again around 2 a.m., and again around
5 a.m.  He sometimes goes from high 100s or low 200s to the 40s or 50s in
the same night.  We've adjusted basals and just about everything else you
can think of in conjunction with his pump trainer and my knowledge.  One of
these days, I'm sure he will get through this phase but, for now, he
requires a lot of checking and adjusting so I can keep him in the best
possible range.  Depending on the parent, and if I get to choose what he
DOESN'T eat, and get him checked at least once during the night, he may get
a sleepover if asked.  It hasn't happened yet, but I'm waiting!

Chuck H.      email @ redacted

> Please do not tell me I'm a Mom who cannot let go. I want nothing  more
> to
> let go! We have given Kevin all the best tools and work well  as a
> has just one glitch in the system! I just wanted you to see  that it
> necessarily work for everyone.
> Robin
> Mom to  Kevin

> I am with you 100%.  My son sleeps through all alarms and does not  wake
> even with symptoms that I can see when I check on him.  He never  wakes
>  even if I have had to change a site at night. We have changed basals etc.
with some improvement, but
> there is still no consistency at night.
> ALida
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