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[IP] AAA Batteries

 I just purchased Panasonic industrial strength AAA batteries that lasted all
through my trip to Mexico. Looks like I found a winner with this ebay guy! Email
him for the Industrial Strength AAA and he will send them to you. Here is the
link for the CR2032:

email @ redacted

>From: "michelle schlight" 
Subject: [IP] RE: Cozmonitor batteries 

I only get about 2 weeks (15 days) from the pump battery (CoZmo) but so far
(fingers crossed, except for test/check) the battery in the CoZmonitor is
still working, (despite pump drops, hitting the floor and sending the
CoZmonitor's battery and lid of across the room) since I started using it the
beginning of Oct 2005

TDD close to 70units so that may explain the short life of the CoZmo battery?
I have tried Energizer, RayOvac, Energizer Max, Duracell, and the Duracell
that is similar to the Energizer Max and they all seem to last 14-15.5
days....ah, well, at least they are available nearly everywhere and we get $1
off coupons frequently :)
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Wow, two weeks is pretty rough. I think I get close to 45 days with mine, 
sometimes closer to 70 days. I haven't changed the batteries on my 
Cozmonitor (yet) and have had it since September (6-8 tests per day).

My TDD is around 35 if that means anything.

- -Jef
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