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In a message dated 1/5/2005 4:39:16 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
email @ redacted writes:

Please do not tell me I'm a Mom who cannot let go. I want nothing  more than 
let go! We have given Kevin all the best tools and work well  as a team...it
has just one glitch in the system! I just wanted you to see  that it doesn't
necessarily work for everyone.

Mom to  Kevin

I am with you 100%.  My son sleeps through all alarms and does not  wake up 
even with symptoms that I can see when I check on him.  He never  wakes up, 
 even if I have had to change a site at night. He is almost twelve, so I have a
few years to work on this, I am hoping that after puberty  and he is more 
 stable, things will improve. He is very independent during the day and I will
 welcome not having to wake up at night. We have not always had to do this, he
has been diabetic now for almost two years and we have  just had to really 
monitor this heavily at night for the last three  months.  The endos have not 
 been able to help much. We have changed basals etc. with some improvement, but
there is still no consistency at night.  Other parents do not want to take 
 responsibility at night and I do understand this. I wish we had other diabetic
children close by whose parents would  be able to handle night time lows and 
highs so he could spend the night.   He has not been invited to any sleepovers 
lately and I don't know if that is  because boys don't usually have them, or 
 if he is just not being invited. Anyway, I would let him go if the parent was
willing to test at  night. 
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