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Re: [IP] Animas ezManager software

At 04:30 PM 1/5/2005, John Hughes wrote:
>As for the rep throwing in the software for free, I would EXPECT them to 
>do that and not
>have them use it as a negotiation tool.  When I was shopping for a new 
>pump last summer I
>met with rep's from Animas, Deltec, and MM.  Deltec gives their software 
>away for free (the
>coZmonitor glucose meter that attaches to the pump too) and the MM rep 
>offered their
>software for free without any prompting.  The Animas rep also said he 
>would throw in the
>software and IR accessory kit when I asked about it.

I got the software but not the IR accessory kit.  I wasn't planning on 
paying for it either since I'm not even sure it will work.  When I went to 
a conference last summer, the rep at their display could not get my IR1200 
to upload to their computer.  He didn't know why it wouldn't work and I 
still don't know if it will work.  Since I've had no one check it, I just 
don't think it's a good idea for me to purchase something that may not 
work.  You must have a better rep than I have.

I had a great rep when I was with Disetronic.  Too bad he was let go before 
Disetronic merged with Roche.  Whenever I needed anything extra (cases, 
stuff like that), I'd call or email him and he'd send what I needed right 
out to me.  Perhaps that's why they let him go, he was giving away too much 
stuff to his clients.  But he was absolutely wonderful.  He was one of the 
reasons I chose the Disetronic pump.

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