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Re: [IP] Re: sleepovers

I say you won't know if she's ready unless you try. I told my son when he  
 was on shots that if he ever needed help when he was at a sleepover I was only
 phone call away. When hes was 8 and still on shots we had a sleepover mishap 
he  forgot to do his dinner shot and called us at 8:30 PM to tell us. What 
 made matters worse is that he was with his aunt and I had talked to him at 5:30
 when he was checking his BG and told him to get his shot ready. Then he hung 
up  the phone and forgot and so did his brother and his aunt. My point is 
 this while we were upset and not thrilled we didn't get angry or go and pick
up. We  told him what we felt is the most important thing. We were 
 disappointed that he had forgot but he made a mistake and we would work through
it with
him on the  phone to fix it. I figure that this was the best thing to do 
 because god forbid we made a huge deal out of it and made him feel awful the
time he won't  tell us about it. Which IMO is much worse than working through 
the problem. They  will learn from the mistake and still be responsible for 
telling you about  it.
We have only done sleepovers on the pump at relatives houses so far with  
 boys sleepovers don't really seem to be such a big deal. We just keep in phone
contact as often as we need to.
Mom of Dan & Patrick pumper 7/04
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