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Re: [IP] Cracks in Tubing/Quicksets

On 5 Jan 2005 at 8:26, Jan wrote:

> So...is anyone else having a problem with air in your Quickset tubing?
>   If so, what kind of pump do you use?  Anybody noticed cracks or
> cloudiness in the tubing?  Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
> Are all infusion sets made the same way as far as the tubing and luer
> lock being so exposed to getting bent?
> Jan, Mom to Maddie, age 7, dx'd T1D 4/16/03, pumping Cozmo 5/7/04 and
> doing fabulous!

Almost all sets (with the exception of the defective QuickSet Plus) are
manufactured by Unomedical.  All tubing in use with insulin pumps is the
"polyfin" design, where there are actually two separate tubes.  One is the
outer tube made of PVC, the other is the polyolefin tubing, used because
it does not react to insulin.  Quite often there will be a separation
between these two tubes which many will interpret as air in the tubing. 
It is true that there is air in there, but it does not go through the
polyfin tubing into the set and your body.   You may also observe
"stress-cracking in your tubing.  I see it right now at the junction of
the tubing and the luer lock.  I have used this tubing for approx. 15
days.  This also does not affect the performance of the tubing.

Granted, I have had two occasions in the past 6 years where the tubing had
broken at the luer connection, but I believe both of those were due to
unfortunate encounters with door knobs, not necessarily any defect in the

Next time you attempt to "prime out" those bubbles in the tubing, observe
what you take to be that air bubble and see if it does move as the pump is
priming.  If not, it is only that separation between the tubing.

George    :>)
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