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Re: [IP] Another problem/challenge - what might this be

I don't know anything about neuropathy from my own experience yet, and hope 
I never do, but I had a similar experience a few years ago (before 
diagnosis) that turned out to be a food allergy.  It started with intense 
itching in both hands, then my feet, and then hives that appeared on my 
chest and stomach.  What I remember the most was how itchy and red my palms 
were - it was unbelievable!  The only thing that helped relieve the pain and 
itching were ice packs placed on the various areas to numb them until the 
offending food was out of my system.  Is there anything new in your diet 
that you could be reacting to?

This is only a *suggestion* as to a possible cause other than neuropathy, 
but I wouldn't try to self-diagnose.  I would contact your endo ASAP rather 
than waiting a month, you never know what it could be.

Shawna Nansel
T1 3/02, Pumping 8/02

From: <email @ redacted>
> For the last 7-10 days I've had sporadic sensations of itch burn in both
> hands and today on the outside of both feet. The area of pain looks red 
> even as
> I try not to scratch or rub it.....The symptoms come out of nowhere and
> seem to ebb spontaneously.
> Does this sound like neuropathy?  Anything anyone has experienced?  I see 
> my
> endo in 1 month but might be able to get in sooner if needed. Thanks for 
> any
> help or ideas.  Jill 
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