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Re: [IP] Animas ezAccess Program

So, I called again.  This time I was told that you keep your IR1200 
pump.  It does NOT cover an upgrade to a new version pump.  She still used 
the scenario of upgrading from an IR1000 to an IR1200, but that's not how 
she really explained this program (poor example?).  I used the example of a 
newer 1200 pump with a 300u cartridge as opposed to the current 200u 
cartridge and I called it an IR1250 (to give it a name).  She said that 
this upgrade program would not include upgrading to a newer pump such as my 
fictional IR1250, but would only cover software upgrades (such as adding 
more reminders, etc.) to your current IR1200 pump.  She also said that you 
would keep your IR1200 but would have to send it in to them to be 
reprogrammed and they would return it to you.  But, this information from 
their website leads me to think otherwise:

>*Nominal fee covers the cost of required hardware
>and processing. Full payment is required in
>advance. Customers will receive a recertified,
>upgraded pump. Upgrade pending FDA approval.
>Available for IR 1200 customers only."

Unless it's your own pump that is recertified and upgraded that you receive 
back from them.

It's still confusing to me and I will just wait and reserve my judgment of 
any of this.  I imagine that when they are ready to implement such a 
program they will send letters to all IR1200 users notifying them of the 
new program and what needs to be done if you choose to use it.

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