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[IP] re: basal/bolus percent

Hi Brick,

My Cozmo averages basal as % of TDD. It seems to come out around 55%. It's
always a little over half of my TDD, and if I put my basals lower to try to
get down to 50% or below, I end up with some elevated BGs...the Premeal
Surprise and the Fasting Surprise. Hate that. The only exception is in the
summer, when there's less work and stress and more physical activity and
hotter days, and then I run lower basals to avoid lows whenever I garden, do
carpentry or other mildly active things. Then I can average a little below
50%. I've been diabetic for 25 years, pumping for 6 1/2 years, I'm very
sensitive to stress and hormones, my TDD is around 32 units these days, my
30-day BG average is 135, my A1C's are generally around 6.5. (is that enough
info? :)

Laura G.

Just a general question for all the fellow pumpers.....of your total daily
 dose, what is the percetage of your insulin being used for basal delivery,
delivery, and how long have you had diabetes?

Brick Smith
DX 9 months 37 years ago
Pumping 6 years MM511
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