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[IP] Re: Sil Serter update

     Pam,   I raised this bent needle problem a few months ago and I think
that you were one of the two who responded. I don't know if this is a
measure of how much of a problem this presents to Sil-Serter users.( My
experience with the QuickSets is the same as yours.)
    When I use a SilSerter with one or two hands, almost all of the
introducer needles come out with a 10 degree bend. When the bend is greater
the needle is increasingly more difficult to remove. At about 20 to 30
degrees the needle will not come out and the whole infusion set must be
removed -a wasted set- $10 please. There have been some rare times when I
was able to remove the needle when it bent about 50 degrees. When I
eventually changed the site the cannula was bent down 50 degrees. This
bending makes depth control a matter of chance. I have noticed that the
angle of the SilSerter is never at the angle of the Silhouette when it is
free of the Serter and ready to have the back half adhesive applied to your
    A person at the tech-help line told me that in about 2000 calls she
could not recall one Silhouette bent-needle problem.
                Peter 1

> Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 15:03:38 -0800 (PST)
> From: Pam Brown <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Re:Sil Serter update
 > I reported not too long ago that with the Sil Serter I often get bent
> but I go ahead and leave the cannula in my BGs are usually fine. My CDE who
> uses
> the Sils herself, told me that anecdotally more people report bent needles
> with
> the Sil Serter than they do with manual insertion, and it's the other way
> around
> with the Quicksets. Again, since most of the time my BGs aren't affected by
> the
> bent needle (and slightly bent cannula which I discover when I change sets
> later), I don't worry about it. Pam
> < I don't understand why close to all of my Serter insertions produce
> bent
> introducer needles but there is little comment on this list about a
> bent
> needle problem. Often a scraped infusion set is the result.>
> .
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