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[IP] sleepovers

Not being a "full fledged parent", YET, I would think that as long as she  
 knows how to check BG's.. what her ratio is... and ask the other mom (privately
of course) what they might be eating... so that she can BE A KID!!!  Just  
let the other parent know she is encouraged that at any sign of problem, no  
 matter what time she or your daughter can call home.. even just to say "I love
you" or "goodnight, my sugar is XXX!"  Relax mom.. let her "eat  cake."  Write 
it down for the other mom.. her rati ( 1 piece cake=xx  carbs=xx units).. 
 something like that...you will most likely not gt much sleep, because "your
is growing up."  Take it easy mom.. she has to learn  this pump stuff 
sometime!  I am rooting to let her go... that is just IMHO  though.... GO 
~ ShawnaLT in AZ on Ip that is  PG 
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